Drive By "Hi"

I was looking through my bookmarks and saw this one so I thought I’d stop in and say HI!

So… HI!

Lots of life stuff going on over here and I’ve been busier than I’d like. I’ve been absorbed into a ginormous healthcare system located here in Cleveland, and have been chugging along with that. Our youngest son is now a United Sates Marine (Lance Corporal) and is stationed in Okinawa. Getting a new woodworking side-gig going to take me mind off of serious stuff.

Nothing more to report. Hope everyone’s been good.



w00t! A visit from our arms dealer! Good to see you. :smiley:

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Now if we can just find that darn rat…


I think I had my surgery at your main campus! Euclid Ave?

That was back right before the pandemic hit, end of Feb 2020.

Good to see you back, @Boomer !

Muchas grassy-ass! Yep, main campus in on Euclid Ave in the Land Of Cleves. I never go there though. I, along with most of the IT Division work out of the Administrative Campus in Beachwood. Well, we did. About the time you were having your surgery, we were sent to work from home. They made it permanent this year so I’m full-time remote working now, pretty much forever. Which is good and bad. I get to avoid people, but then I only have cats to talk to all day until Mrs. Boomer gets home from work. Still, I prefer it for MANY reasons. Hope everything went well for you!

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It did, thanks. Here’s my summary from then:

I had planned to WFH post-surgery, then in response to the pandemic our company sent everyone, in all offices, home until further notice. It was a full year plus before any office was opened, and so many of us liked it they’re moving the Cincy office from a 50-person plus suite to a 2-person plus a couple of hotel desks.

Will it be acceptable if I say “OK Boomer?” :slight_smile:

Just couldn’t resist…

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Doesn’t bother me. When I hear that I think of this and laugh and laugh…


tide pods where eaten by the gen z kids. the youngest millennials are entering their 30s.

Pedantics. Its a cartoon. A funny, funny cartoon.

Get off my lawn,.


I’ve heard a majority of the actual hospitalizations for eating Tide pods were senior citizens with dementia or similar.

All i know is most of the BS my age grouping gets blamed for is the babies of gen Z

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Meanwhile Gen X is quietly under the radar, just the way we like it.


vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMM!!! :::/me jumping in on the Drive By Hi highway!::: :red_car:

Hope y’all are good. Busy as the devil out here (DT would disagree for various reasons). Still, figured I’d pop my big 'ol head in and say hidy.

Hidy! :smiley:


Hey there! It’s been ages! Good to see you again. Don’t forget to drop by again soon. :smiley:

GRATCH! Hey girl HEYYYY! :smiley:

what the firckety-frack!? A Gratch sighting!?

Yay!! A Gratch sighting!

Make your next visit a non-drive-by, OK??

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Hey all,

Things have been ridiculously crazy for what seems like forever now! Slogging through work and school and that frustrating thing called ‘life’, but it’s bound to slow down sometime, right? RIGHT??!!!

Good to see y’all though (new and old faces). I’ll get my tubby buns back in here for a spell…eventually! You know me!


Eventually had better be sooner rather than later, missy. :slight_smile:

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