Interocitor ideas

Now that I have that 42" touchscreen kiosk computer, I need to find a use for it.
It could have come with a HSUPA mobile module, but didn’t. No biggie. It would have been fun to be able to use it as a completely wireless, cellular computer. Not a deal breaker, though. Any place I really need to use it will likely have wifi, or I could just slave it to my phone as a hotspot. I need to try that out. Besides, I can probably locate an LTE or 4G module if I really want one for under $50 (PCI Express).

I need some ideas. Help me Obi Wans. You’re my only hope.

I can set it up in kiosk mode if I slap Windows Pro on it. There is a lengthy process where I can turn everything off in order to do this. This might be useful in certain situations.

I’ve loaded BlueStacks on it and can run it as an Android emulator. I could set it up to run Instagram with a web camera for on the spot selfies. These would promote the show, and I’d be able to control content to some extent.

Alternately, I could use it to just run an RSS instance that is constantly updated by watching a particular hashtag. I have no experience with this, or knowledge of how it works.

Either of these kind of bypasses the idea of using it as a touchscreen device (for the most part), but that can’t be helped.

I wonder if Nerf Gun bullets would trigger it.


Just imagine carrying a 42" fondleslab around :smile:

I would vote for the RSS instance thingy… also have no idea how that would work…

Well, I’m setting it up this weekend to do the simplest of activities: an animated slideshow at a food + drink event, for the event. It gets me in for free, so this is going to work out eventually. I have another one in a couple of weeks that is going to be massive. Same deal. Actually, just those two shows will have paid for the machine. Still, lugging this 100 pounds of computer and stand around is a bit of a pain, but the thing is motherfucking bulletproof.

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