What Made You Happy Today?

I don’t think this thread has migrated over yet, so here goes.

Mich. middle school football team conspires for touching touchdown

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I have one more day of work and then I am on holiday for two weeks.

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I’ve written over 14,000 words in six days! I’m well ahead of schedule, and the story is rolling smoothly along, and it’s barely started. Lovin’ this! :smile:

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Nice! I’ve written about a thousand words this month. I’m not participating in NaNoWriMo, but I’m still plugging away at my book.

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I’m going to go see the Irish Rovers in January. I have several of their albums, and I last saw them in concert back when I was in high school… Oh, dear. 30 years ago.

Edit: I hope they haven’t declined as much as poor Gordon Lightfoot who I saw in concert earlier this year.

This (Blues Clues + Sherlock = AWESOME): http://youtu.be/vKgtvYS6YVo

And finding a recording of this for the boys (and me, 'cause I also love this song): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IjSVtp_mmw8

And, finally, this CD: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/avengers-assemble-music-inspired/id517763465

There’s this black Hyundai Sonata who’s owner works in my building. The owner has had an annoying habit of taking up two spaces in the lot. And, since he or she gets in earlier than most, grabs those two spaces kinda close to the building, the spaces everyone like to covet.
Now, if you want to park somewhere so your car doesn’t get scratched, I’m OK with that.
But don’t grab close-to-the-building spaces. The whole upper half of the lot is empty - take four, if you want.

So it griped me, every time I saw it. I ignored it, mostly, daydreaming about finding the space next to it empty and parking really close to their door.

Then, yesterday, I happened to park next to it.
Wait, what? Parked in one space? Will wonders never cease! The owner saw the light of day!

And then I saw it… the “light of day” came in a really, really bad scratch. Like, maybe, from a key? Or a knife?
Done in a wavy pattern down the side of the car, across the two driver’s side doors.
Deep enough to show bare metal in some places.

I do not condone law breaking, and would not take such measures myself.

But D@MN it was nice to see. I almost giggled.


We got the deed to Camp Kickass in the mail last night. We also got the tax map. The map shows that we were considerably off in our estimation of how much land we own. We own about twice as much as we had previously thought. The acreage is the same but it’s difficult for a city-raised flatlander to comprehend land area by just saying “you own X acres”. The extra acreage is in an area that makes it great for building a nice cozy little cabin too.


This boggles me. It’s not like the guy is driving a cherry classic restored beauty, or a super-expensive new Audi (cock) or something else similarly nice. It’s a Hyundai freaking Sonata.

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It is nice, new, and shiny… everyone wants to keep whatever he owns nice and shiny.

But yeah, that was my thought right off.
“Really, a Hyundai?”

If my sales team and I were playing Quake the speakers would be blaring out M-M-M MONSTER KILL … RAMPAGE … UNSTOPPABLE … WICKED SICK … GODLIKE!!

Whew. starting to get tired.

Someone fixed my dropped stitch in the sock I’m knitting. I like the boxed wine that I bought as an experiment (which is good, because it has four bottles’ worth in it!). And I’m less than 1000 words from the 30K mark in my NaNoWriMo novel! ~happy dance!~

I actually managed to make contact with the radio repeater to check in during the county emergency management net tonight.

I rode in a jet and it was awesome. I only wish my stomach had been up for some more aerobatics, but sadly, I had to ask the pilot to cut it back lest I hurl.


Finished rewriting the end of my first ‘novel’ (80,000 words. Much better than the first attempt.

)Now got to reformat it for Kindle.)


I happened across that while surfing Ars. Looked like fun!

I am less than 2,000 words from the 50,000-word goal for NaNoWriMo!!! This is the first year in NINE YEARS of participating (or attempting to participate) that I will make that goal! :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

:star:Happy Dance!:star:


Congratz! I registered my library as a come write in location, and nobody came. :frowning:

:star::bangbang:I BROKE 50,000 WORDS TODAY!!!:bangbang::star:

:smiley: This makes me very happy! :smiley:

:tada: I weeen! I am a weeeeeenerrrr!!! :tada:

(I am also an emoji abuser.)

(And, total bummer, @Gnatdbug! Our local libraries were party poopers, and wouldn’t open up to NaNo-ers. It’s awesome that you did! Did you notify anyone in the regional forums that you were open for write-ins?)


It was actually last night, but @GratchSabbat has given her blessing that when we get a house, I am allowed to get a 3D printer for it. Actually she wanted one now, but we have no room in the apartment and no good ventilation for the fumes. Gotta start saving the pennies now.

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