Hmmm... nice digs

says the one who hasn’t been around in oh, 5, maybe 6 years or so…

so how is everyone?


woot! Good to see you…this place needed more hormones for balance.

Hi! Not too bad!!

You actually missed a whole flavor of forum… Keeper had us on a test bed for a while before moving here.

You still up Yellow Springs way?

Yayy! Another member we haven’t seen in too long! :smiley:

Phrasing, @Nabiki!

Holy crap! A MsTanja sighting!

Still in Yellow Springs… currently unemployed (laid off, replaced by a website and automated phone line), full time student, caretaker of a menagerie of 5 cheagles (chickens who think they are eagles), 2 cats, 1 dog, and the guinea pig that won’t die (seriously, it’s close to 10 years old now).

My 6-year old keeps me on my toes while my 21-year old drives me insane by failing out of college-twice, and my 18-year old has decided that maybe college is a better idea than trying to find a job right now.

Got a new husband. I think I’ll keep him around since I ditched him 28 years ago and we just reconnected in 2012. Not a believer in soulmates, but a definite believer in second chances, especially since his first message back to me when I asked if he remembered me was “you broke my heart.”

Me & him in 1986-

So, yeah, just catching up around here now… missed ya’ll and I still have fond memories of the weirdest shower I ever took.


Holy shit! Hey!

I’m pretty sure one of the girls I took to a high school dance wore the exact same dress.

Hi MsT! I think we have a few souls for you around here someplace…

Hmmm. There’s no post counter any more - how will MsT know when it’s time to collect?

Trust levels.

You can see the post count if you go into a person’s profile. It’s on the left.

So do we need a Trust level called “I’m ready, @MsTanja, come get me”? :smile:

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Cool. So does this mean we get our souls back since we’re all (I think) under 1,000 posts now?

That would be great…for those who actually had one at the outset. :paw_prints:

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Depends on whether or not you grew a new one in the meantime. :wink:

Hehe - good point.

Hmmm…does growing one in a lab using a bit of leftover Canadian bacon gristle count? :pig2:

Welcome back, MsTanja!! :smiley: