Kittehzes! & Pets

So I took some leave last week, and this happened:

Polly want a cracker?

Charlie is his name - he is a 12 week old Devon Rex.

Later in the week he got a bit more comfy…

That’s a strange looking thing staring back at me…

I haven’t got around to editing any better pics yet.



I like Kittehz!

Yayy! I like kitty pics. He looks adorable, with those big bat ears!

Yesterday I took this picture of some of my kitties…


Well, since we’re sharing…here’s my two.


Telute (it’s an old pic, from when she first got us - she’s somewhat larger now :smile:) :


Charlie when we got him this past February at 8 weeks old.

Sleeping with June a few days later. Unfortunately our new Husky, Rudy, treats Charlie like a chew toy so they don’t snuggle together. RIP, June. :frowning:

Last month climbing the screen door.


I was reading on my front porch today, and this is what happened. She’s not even my cat.


A couple of weeks ago, I suspected that the cat in the picture in my post was pregnant. Today, I’m certain of it. She’s only showing a bit, but when I put my hand against her belly, I felt little kitten limbs moving. I hope her people know…

Maybe you should put a note on her collar, with congrats on the new mommy?

There’s a phone number on her collar. I’ve been thinking about calling it, but I feel weird calling someone I don’t know out of the blue to ask, “Did you know that your cat is pregnant?” I like the note on the collar better.

According to her collar, the cat’s name is Nikita. Nikita has been pushing her way into my house, and then I have to gently pick her up and take her back outside. I think she’s looking for a place to nest. Luckily, my cats don’t like her, but while they growl and hiss, they don’t seem about to do her any actual harm.

Wow, it’s sort of upsetting to think she doesn’t feel her “home” is safe enough to nest. If a new person with unfriendly cats is a better option, what is she getting away from?

This is Gimli when he was still small and getting over being sick and malnourished. He’s fat and tearing my house to shreds right now as well as terrorizing the German Shepherd, Beagle and Husky mix. He was standing at the door to my office one frozen morning just after Christmas. He was a bag of bones, severely ill and his eyes were frozen open. We got him to the vet, got him all fixed up and now he thinks he’s king of my house.


That’s what I thought at first too, but I think her people kick her out for the day when they’re at work, so she can’t stay inside. I usually only see her during the day, so that’s what I hope.

This is Tom. Or as we call him ‘Big Head Tom. He’s a monster.’ He was a stray that showed up at our door all wet and bedraggled. He spent a month on our porch before we decided to bring him in (3 other cats in a 2 bedroom apt). But he’s got to have been a house cat at some point because he’s so sweet. And he was big. He’s topping 20 something pounds now but it’s mostly muscle. Now he can’t go anywhere without his sister following him and loving on him. He’s 2nd in command of the house.

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I kind of like the phone call out of the blue approach. Especially fun if they’re the type to forget they put their number on the tag, so they wonder how in the heck you got their phone number. But, just to be safe, call from a Google number or block your Caller ID first. (*67)

Is that Stinky Tom? He looks so content!

I hate to say this, but maybe you should make an outdoor box-nest for her, just in case. When the time comes, she won’t have long to pick a spot, and it’s really better if she knows where to go.

After a devastating period where we lost 3 cats in 4 months (two on 12/23 and 12/25), this happened.

His name is Vladimir, and he is the second cousin of Anastasia – same feral cat colony grandmother. I wasn’t ready at all, and was still mourning, when he came running at my car as it pulled up. Five weeks old, he was sick and exhausted, and fell asleep in my jacket. After a lot of vet care and TLC, he’s an unholy terror who loves his daddy, ANHWizard.


I’ve thought about this too, and I’ve decided to do it, even though my roommate’s tom will probably take it. I’ll put it right next to my porch, though, so I can chase him out of it until he knows it’s not his.

I would totally call the number. And remind them that it is very dangerous for their animal to be roaming during the day. And that a less-than-scrupulous person could take that cat somewhere and have it spayed, or worse.

But then again, I’m the person who is setting up a video camera to record all night and figure out what in the h!@^ is digging up my herb garden every night, and kinda hoping it’s a dog so I can ream it’s owners a new one. Not cool to let your pets out alone at night. Or during the day. Or ever.

She’s a sweet little cat. If I’m not careful, she’s going to adopt me. She comes running whenever I open my front door, and she’s been slipping into the house when she can. She went straight to my bedroom today to watch my sleeping chinchillas. My other cats aren’t happy with her, but they’re getting used to her.

I wouldn’t actually do that! I’d feel horrible if one of my cats disappeared. I did put a box with a towel in my bushes for her, though.