Meme Sharing

I thought about putting this in the web finds, but there is some cool crap in there I don’t want to dilute it any more than it already is out there.

This is somewhere to put clever Memes. Maybe not another version of Creepy Steve, or Erhmahgerd Berks, but stuff that tickled you as being a bit different.

Mild Cheddar:
Because I’m afraid of cutting myself…


I would post individual ones I’ve made, but I think I’ll just put the Flickr set here:


The “Discomfort” one I made back when we still had the old EZboards. It still makes me giggle. The baby pics are of my firstborn, who is now almost seven (sniffle).

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Ahem. Here’s one.


Sheeple are always other people.




Okay, I know that one isn’t a meme but damn if it isn’t cool.

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I have to agree with the more rational posters on that article. She did the right thing, but should never have gotten a medal for it.

Calling them out, yes. Talking to their commanders (or their own first sergeants)? A tried and true method. But she employed the nuclear option (CCing the director of the SHARP program for the whole freaking Army?), and then got an award for it. Stupid kids are going to stupid; that’s why you take them aside, chew them up one side and down the other, make their lives miserable a little while, and see if the lesson takes. You don’t need borrowed authority of Department of the Army staff for that.

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Yeah, that too.

True dat.

Unlike many of her perpetually offended sistern, she did at least try direct counseling though. Before putting on her big whiny pants and running to DoDdy. Finding the units for these dudes couldn’t have taken much more time than she had already spent on it.

It’s that fine line between a tattle tale and a responsible adult/NCO. And I’ve seen privates called out in a bar by an NCO, and that shit ain’t funny.

Also, dependapotamous, from the comments. I had forgotten that word.

The phrase I remember most is “She’s looking for a part-time husband and a full-time paycheck.”


I laugh every time I see that.

They train a lot at the same place my old guard unit trained. Never heard them shoot in anger, but practice a lot. And you can hear it for miles, and the echo too. I can’t imagine what it sounds like inside.

I remember hearing the A-10s work out when we spent time there. You could hear the cannon from further away than the engines, so out of nowhere we’d hear a loud “BRRRRRRT.”
Closer in you could hear the engines, then the death buzzer.
I’ve heard that firing the GAU-8 causes the plane to slow appreciably, which is just all kinds of amazing.

The first time I saw one on an attack run, I thought it had exploded. It just disappeared in a cloud of smoke and visibly slowed. And then the sound hit us. It’s a very physical thing. You feel it more than hear it if you’re close. It actually made my team leader start to gag.