New features!

We have a couple new features to play with.

We can now react with more than just a heart. If you really want to see another emoji added to the list, let me know. I may or may not comply. :wink:

There is also a chat feature now. You can do private chats or group chats.

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Im not even sure what the emoji I used was. Some sort of piñata relative?

It’s a celebration/congratulations thing. Come to think of it, I think I’ve only actually seen it in Japanese shows/anime.

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It’s in dark mode!!! Yay! My eyes thank you. :heart_eyes:

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It’s dark mode only if you want it to be. I find dark mode to be hard to read, but I know there are plenty of people who like/need it.

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I love it because a) I get headaches from light sometimes; and b) it’s less obvious in dark places that are boring me. :grin:


Me too! How do I get dark mode?

Edit: Nevermind - figured it out on my own. :grin:

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My eyes love dark mode. It just is so much betterer.

Now if only they can make an amber CRT emulator for Android…

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Looks cool so far!


The forums are public again. New users still require an invite, but the basic plan now allows us to be public, so I have made that switch over.


… mooooorrrre braaaaaiiiiiiins …

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Can I interest Sir in this BOGO deal? Buy two, get one absolutely free!

Will make the brrrraaaaaiiiiinnnnssss much more yummier!