Quick "George-ism"

Got an IM from a coworker this evening. Oddly, it was a coworker I had previously exchanged emails with to tell them that I wasn’t halting a network change because they had a big transfer scheduled. After all, my work had an approved change and theirs… didn’t.

But aside from that, they wanted to ask about FW blocking, and invoked their boss’ name (always a good sign) with “The John Doe is unable to access…” which just seemed like a very Georgian construct. (Obviously, the name was not ‘John Doe.’)

So now names are titles handed down from person to person.

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George’s favorite tire!


Excellent one! Seems as if that is a brand to be avoided, lol.

A ticket I received today :

edit : the VM checks out, but it is the software itself. So I can just bump this along to the responsible person to deal with.

My work here is done.