MiB of tech support

Some days I feel like I’m the first, last, and only line of defense against the worst scum of the Luser-verse. I alone have the keys to our Exchange system (mainly because everyone else runs screaming from the responsibility) and I have over 6000 users trying new and creative ways to destroy the damn thing on a daily basis. The worst ones are our own Administrators!

Case in point: Got an email from one of our SysAdmins asking me if I could check our spam filter for a message he was expecting from one of our vendors. I went in and searched the logs for anything addressed to him for the last 24 hours. I found the message he was looking for, along with over 300 additional messages, all of which listed HIM as both sender and recipient.

Some digging showed that he apparently has a server configured to shoot him an email status update EVRY FIVE FREAKIN’ MINUTES. Sweet Baby Jesus dude! Are you trying to kill me young? The worst part is, he didn’t even know because he left off the “G” in “.org” on the inbound domain, so the filter was bouncing all the messages.

I’m too old and too mean to be a babysitter…

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Why on the sunny side of h3ll would one want to be pinged every 5 minutes?? I would can that after about 3 emails.

I’m going to imagine he started out with a more reasonable interval, bumped it up while trying to figure out why it wasn’t working, but that elusive missing G was beyond his limited troubleshooting abilities, so he just gave up and abandoned it. Otherwise it just hurts my brain.

That’s sorta the case. Apparently, the script was always set to 5 minutes, but he could never get it working so he ASSumed it wasn’t running at all and abandoned it.

The Dumbass…

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Wow. I was going to give him the benefit of the doubt a la @RoadRunner, but he doesn’t deserve that.