What's Your New Shiny?

It looks like an Aston Martin DBS, with a Maserati nose.

Why don’t we hate you more again? Someone remind me.

Because he gives us the forum in which we can complain about all the cool stuff he gets to play with and we don’t.

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But it gets a lot better mileage :smile:

I saw our local Model S again this morning. Seems we cross paths frequently.

Sent payment the other day for this little beastie. Hopefully it gets here soon…

That looks fun. :slight_smile:

I hope so :smile:

I already have a 3-channel co-ax heli (the IR version, without the fancy remote) which is very easy to fly and great for annoying the cats and entertaining the little lad, and I had a go on my friend’s 4-channel fixed-pitch heli which is much more manoeuvrable (and challenging).

I used to own a nitro-powered Raptor 30 which was exhilarating but required a lot of time to get any good at flying it (and it cost a lot to crash ;)), but I surprised myself when I tried out my friend’s micro. The Super CP I’ve just ordered has a similar collective-pitch rotor head that allows for aerobatics (eg. flying upside-down); that just wasn’t available on micro models when I sold the Raptor 3 years ago, so I’m a bit excited.

Whenever I manage to free up some cash, I want to pick up a quadcopter to fool around with.

Yeah they look like fun too.

My neighbour was flying a tri-rotor around yesterday - never seen anything quite like it, but he says it’s pretty stable yet responsive.

Any idea when the review might go up, @Lee_Ars? The suspense is killing me. :smiley:

Slated for the evening of the 27th. The draft is at about 10,700 words right now, and it’s got a couple of edit cycles to go through. Will also have a pretty long (~11-ish minutes) video attached that I’m quite proud of :slight_smile: It’s not Top Gear, but I think I did pretty good with the budget and skills available!

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Thanks, I’ll keep my eye out for it. :sunglasses:

I can’t post my new shiny. I’m new here.

It won’t take long for you to be able to post your shiny. Welcome to the other CoG!

AU!CoG? (Sorry, been reading too much fanfiction lately :smile:)

Here’s my new shiny! Just got it on Saturday. It’s a 2013 F150 Super Crew short bed pickup 4X4 with a 5.0L V8. Actually, this one is not mine, but mine is identical to this one. I’ve been too lazy/busy/indifferent to take a good pic. I find it becoming more difficult to fold myself in half to get in and out of my Dodge Avenger, so since it was virtually paid off, I traded it in on this. Besides, the kids were outgrowing the back seat on the car. Hoping to have a nice Yamaha Grizzly to pull behind it soon.

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Very nice! I’ve been eyeing the new F150 all year. The new Fusion is also on my radar - good looking, Aston-esque front end.

There’s CoG fan-fiction?

Yes. Very shiny. My old Ranger is paid off and around 147k in miles. I don’t do the upkeep like I should so I’m always worried he’s going to conk out on me someplace. The F150’s are a possible replacement since the Ranger is no longer made.

Not that I’m aware of. :slight_smile: It’s other fanfic I’ve been reading that uses the AU! tag.

I’m not sure I want to know what CoG fanfic would look like. Although…