What's Your New Shiny?

I thought I might as well kick off the topic here, so…

Nexus 7 LTE, 2013 edition along with a Qi charger and case. The charger is the Zens Universal, and they got the design there right - no noises and an LED that’s not too bright. That’ll make the 90 minutes a day sat on the train far more pleasant…

You have a link for the Qi charger? I picked up the 2013 Nexus 7 to replace my 2012 edition and I’ve been contemplating picking up a Qi charger to keep on the desk at work or something.

Would be nice if I could get a backplate for my Galaxy Nexus to do Qi as well, but the only route I have for that is hardware-hacking one in, which would be a pain.

The only working link I’ve got is for the UK (http://amzn.to/14nJGMv), which may not help you much (not sure where you are). It’s listed on Amazon US (http://amzn.to/1aWUUwJ) but showing as unavailable.

I’m waiting in line for an iPhone 5s so I can do some weekend review content to go up on the Ars front page on Monday. So I guess my new shiny is about to be a 5s. I’ll be upgrading from a 3-year old iphone 4, so it’ll be a nice little bump.

No gold. The baybrook apple store only got 4 gold handsets, and there are about 150 people in line.

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Don’t get the black 5s, otherwise it will make people think you’re a lesbian.

I don’t get it. Isn’t he a lesbian already?


I was referring to someone @Lee_Ars overheard at the Apple store. If I wasn’t afraid of getting caught by the firewall here, I’d link the tweet.

That was funny as hell. I was reading through that this morning while waiting for the conference to start.

I truly did not understand the line of reasoning going through that person’s head when she uttered those words. Just…wow.

Drank a little bit more kool-aid…

Upgraded from a Kyocera Cyclops flip-phone to an iPhone 5s.

Is it just me, or is there no compelling reason at all to buy an iPhone?

My android has more features than the 5S, has a bigger screen, is far more customisable, and isn’t locked into the Apple ecosystem.


Ehh, different folks value different things. I’m not a fan of Android at all; I prefer iOS. I’m also too set in my ways to change, so iPhone it is!

This is how I view it, and is why I’ve only ever had Android devices since the original Droid launched.

I just wish smartphones were a little cheaper off-contract. My Verizon Galaxy Nexus is aging and I’ve still got quite a bit until my upgrade time is available, but I can’t exactly throw $600 at a new phone. Especially not since I’m in a house with oil heat now and I’m going to need to do the pre-winter tank fill relatively soon.

iPad Mini 32gb wifi. I hate winning prizes in random work raffles. Glad I spent the 30 secs to fill out the entry form……

I agree there - different strokes for different folks.

People see my MacBook and iPad and ask when I’m getting myself an iPhone. They’re really surprised when I say ‘Never’.

I used to be very much pro-OSX / anti-Windows, but now I just don’t give a damn. Use whatever the hell you want to use, because they all do the same thing at the end of the day.

Reaper Bones II Kickstarter Early Bird sucker right here! 134 minis for $100 so far.

Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Tab 2.

I wanted to play with Amazon web services (at their free tier), so I created a Debian micro server and slapped Citadel on it. Because. It has no purpose.

You can interact with it if you want. There is nothing really there except me testing stuff.

I much prefer the latter interface, but apparently the web is a thing now. I wouldn’t mind, but it’s ugly and I don’t understand CSS enough to make it not ugly.

Some carbon-fibre bling goodness for my bike. It will save all of 100 grams. :stuck_out_tongue:

Tesla Model S, P85+, almost all options. 416 horsepower, dead-flat torque curve. $120,870.

No, sadly, it’s not mine, but I did get to put about 500 miles on it between Thursday afternoon and Saturday evening. My review will be forthcoming.