I have a George

Ponder this email deeply :

Please can you try to VNC [IP redacted] the VNC password is ; [redacted]
This PC its also fot manager if you can set up the Internet on it so that she can have access on the internet
Becouse the [other PC IP] when i trying to VNC it theere massege that come that the server closed the connection and the server runnin g as application.

It’s like you can see exactly where the drugs started to kick in.


Hmmm… Unfettered inbound VNC access from the Internet to a manager’s desktop. What cold possibly go wrong?

Nope, no unfettered VNC access… there’s a VPN for that… :yum:

Will see what emails will be forthcoming today…

More fun ::

Hi Ook

The [name] [place] manager said told that the [ip redacted] that pc you did install the Internet
doent have what she want to use Like HR and onother things she need the internet be to in the [ip redacted] only becouse its where there is all the staff she is using.




Man, I used to hate it when I installed the internet wrong. And she shouldn’t be using someone’s staff at work.

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Just… I think I ran out of words. 0_0

I am convinced that this individual is a recent product of the US education system.

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You cad. You did install the internet? And without all the components?

What is it that she wants to use, just like HR? Can’t HR let her use it in their department?

I think everybody needs the internet to “be to in” as well. And drug abuse rehabilitation.

I have a random word generator you can use.

Devry graduate.

I am convinced that we need to form a Revolutionary Army to defend the English language and computers from this kind of relentless assault and torment.

Yay. Our own George - a South African product, born and bred in South Africa.

I will provide a translation of his messages from now on together with the original message, should any new one be forthcoming.



Translation :

Please can you try to VNC in to [IP]. This IP is the Manager’s PC. Please set up Internet access for her.

The other PC have a problem with its VNC, when you VNC to it, a message pops up to tell you that the server is running as an application.

The manager at site informed me that there are several applications missing on her Internet-enabled PC. She needs to have access to HR Manage and other programs, and this is needed urgently so that she can manage her staff more efficiently.

Bah. It’s more fun screwing up our faces and slamming our faces into the wall in an attempt to stop wondering what the frig is going on.

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As you wish… then I’ll leave the translations out :smiley:

New one just in :

can i please have the VPN

Username :

Passowrd :

For [username] becouse when i want to disconnected The computer Ask me The VPN username and Password on Manager PC.

oooh. How deliciously painful.

Here, have a VPN.

Bye now.

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You want the VPN but the VPN not havening anything to do with you.


Ah, the standard plot for Russian romance novels.

But wait, don’t they actually want to havevning something to do with them, but can’t because they are a double agent for the Tsar/KGB/Russian Mafia?