Quarantine Game Night: Gauging Interest

This is just gauging interest, but would anyone be interested in a weekly night for RPGs or similar online while we’re all going quietly insane at home?

My thought is I can do Monday from 5:00pm to 9:30 or so. That’s US Eastern Time. I think that would be around 9:00 PM to 1:30 AM GMT. You’ll have to do your own conversions the rest of the way.

My intent is to use Discord and Roll20 as the ‘tools’ as needed.

I’d probably run one of the following, picked to be easy. This is also meant to be a no-cost thing, as I know a lot of people are stressed right now.

  1. Dungeon Crawl Classics is great as a ‘drop in’ game: It’s basically D&D-like and, importantly, it’s fine for the players to not have the rules. Big feature is ‘character creation’ is actually a special ‘funnel’ adventure where each player starts with a handful of totally random PCs and the survivors. The bonus is, as I said, it’s relatively friendly to players dropping in and such.

  2. D&D is the ‘lingua franca’ of many role-players. The details are a bit less certain here: I’d be willing to run 5e or 2e if there’s interest. I’d like to keep it relatively ‘episodic’ if possible, again. I might pop for a D&D Beyond subscription to share content with everyone if we’re using 5e.

This is just gauging interest at this point: My schedule is a bit weird at times, but I feel this is a schedule I can keep. Maybe drop to every couple weeks once the current Crisis is over and people are leaving the house more. If someone else wants to run the game I’d be interested, too. I may have a couple other friends who might be interested.

As a general statement, I want this to be a relatively light and fun game for all. Probably not a ‘deep’ game, although I’d try to remain true to whatever setting we’re in. Relatively light on ‘adult’ content and not really trying to be deep or meaningful. Everyone’s welcome as long as they’re not hate-filled.

Any interest?

I’m a solid maybe after the house is fixed up, so maybe next week?

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Tempting, but your Monday 5pm is my Tuesday 7am, and that’s when I start work. :frowning:

An alternate time would be Saturday morning (here) like 8-12… But that probably totally excludes any West Coast US people as it’s a bit early for them. Not sure if there’s better times.

I’m up for a 5AM game. Maybe.

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After reflection, I’ll pass on this. The TZ difference is too great, and I have a huge lack of motivation.


I’m still leaning towards Saturday AM as being more long-term sustainable to myself. If we go with Dungeon Crawl Classics it’s also very ‘drop in friendly’ as well.

Does it generally take 4-4.5 hours for an episode? I’ve literally never played any of what you’re talking about. Like, that and the card games in Big Bang Theory are totally foreign to me. (Well, and comic books - I was never into comics, but had friends who were.)

If you don’t mind having a total noob in the group, I could do Monday evening, though I don’t officially get off work until 5pm central. Not a big deal if I’m working from home, but a conflict if I’m in the office. I’m not a morning person, so Saturdays are generally reserved for sleeping until noon.

I’ve got a Discord started for general discussion:

In general 4-5 hours is a bit long when it’s mostly adults and such. I plan ‘big’ because I know people (in ‘real life’ sessions) have trouble showing up and getting situated at times. 3 hours is probably more reasonable, and we could go to something more like 6-9.

My intent is:

  • This is casual and drop-in friendly. One major reason I’m pushing Dungeon Crawl Classics is it’s slimmed down D&D and many adventures are built around short-is windows.
  • Low/no cost. I’m not asking anyone to spend any money since a lot of us are a bit nervous.
  • Low stress. This is meant to be fun after all, not a chore!
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Besides, if you set It for four hours, you’ll get there of actual play… At least the first couple sessions.


We seem to be homing in on around 6:00 PM on Mondays or another weeknight.

We had a successful game last night! Thank you to @RoadRunner and SpaceBarbarian for joining me and exploring an old castle infested by horrible creatures and dangerously malfunctioning HVAC.

Casualty rate: 50%.

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And thank you for thinking of it and hosting! It was fun, will definitely try not to be late again.

I suppose I should have joined the discord channel

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You still can.

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I think we averaged less than 50% last night…

But I do have a crazy naked guy with a giant flaming sword now.

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And sadly we’re doing poorly worth the specter of scheduling issues.

Just a quick heads-up that we have space for anyone who’s got a couple hours free on Wednesdays at 7:00 PM Eastern Time! We’ve had a few recent nights where we’re a little low on players, but for some of us a couple hours of amusing discussion is enough.

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Small update: We’re abandoning Dungeon Crawl Classics for a bit and running a few games of Paranoia if anyone is interested. Alternate Wednesdays at 7:00 EST. No experience required. PM me for information.

Paranoia is a classic RPG of life in a dystopian future. It is, in fact, a comedy. Mechanically I’m doing some research but I’m leaning towards an older edition as the newest edition, while interesting, really needs 4-6 players plus a GM to be interesting, especially since players help set each other’s stats.

I never actually got to play Paranoia back in the day but always wanted to. But I don’t get off work until 8 EST. :frowning: