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I’ve often found in my position that it is strictly up to my direct supervisor whether or not I can work from home when sick. The fun part is, if you work from home sick, you lose however many work from home days you have a week as you stay home. So, if you work from home a day cause your sick (and it isn’t your scheduled at home day), you’ll be coming on your stay-at-home day the following week. I don’t necessarily take issue with it (seeing as how I have the privilege to work from home at all), but I feel its like they’re punishing you after you’ve already dedicated yourself to continue working while you’re sick. Then again, it’s an incentive to just call it a day off and take the PTO (provided you have it).

If it were me, my rule of thumb would be: A) Do you sound like death? B) Are you not keeping your productivity at least at 75% of the norm (I figure it’s equivalent to having a pointless meeting in the middle of your day)? C) Did you lose any limbs?

If you answer yes, you’re probably staying home and not working today.

We work in an air-conditioned windowless facility. It’s a very closed environment for 30ish people packed in one room. Management’s view is that if you’re well enough to be in front of a computer at home, you’re well enough to be in front of a computer at work. This is short-sighted. I’d rather have my coworkers out, not contributing anything, than in and sharing their illnesses with the rest of us.

At my old place of business, most of the IT team got put into a room down on the 1st floor instead of spread out all over the building. We liked it, until we all started getting sick. Turns out, the room they put is in used to be a vault or long term storage of some sort and didn’t have the proper ventilation for 1 person, much less the 5 people in there. Took about 6 months to get anyone to listen to us though.

Listening to some chill Kitaro on Pandora in the bedroom, and Sig is listening to Muse, or something, in the living room and drumming. The rhythms sync up, which is kinda freaky.

I was told that no one in IT had ever dressed up for Halloween. I took that as a challenge.

This is what I’m wearing today.

Today is my 8th anniversary with the company.

I still remember, on my first day, seeing one person in costume. And I wondered WTF I had gotten myself into.

Was that a good thing or a bad thing? The one person dressed up, that is. Some people think that dressing up is stupid, but others think that a whole department/company who doesn’t is no fun.

It’s a good thing I have a standing workstation. Sitting on my tail isn’t very comfortable.

I guess it was more of a surprise than anything else. It wasn’t an offensive costume. I was just surprised to see a positive expression of individuality after 6 1/2 years at the soul-crushing place I’d been working previously.

I have been informed that I must participate in the costume contest. :stuck_out_tongue:

I dress up in the same costume every year. I always go as Roy from the IT Crowd. Oh wait… that’s every day.

No one in my office has dressed up. Which surprises me not at all. However I’ve been making the rounds of the downtown campus today and have seen some cool costumes in other offices. Me, I’m dressed a downtrodden desktop tech. Same as every other day.

I’m a contractor. I don’t make waves.

We were authorized wearing our civilian disguises or other appropriate costumes if we so chose. Many of us jumped on the civvie option. I don’t mind my uniform, but I LOVE my civilian shoes.

The music chosen for this scene in Iron Man 2 was absolutely perfect.

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So, today was the opening for a huge casino nearby, right between where I live and where I work. They were supposed to open at 10AM this morning but so many people showed up that they opened the doors at 9. They filled up to the point that they had to close the doors and let people in only as people left.

Luckily, traffic isn’t affected at 6:30AM, which is when I head to work, and it’s nasty on the way home, but in the other direction. I wonder how long the boom is going to last?

Nabiki, and how did you place?

Our whole office really gets into it. Departments compete for extra casual days and individuals compete for cash cards. I was a nun, and I came in about third I would guess on scariest costume.

I didn’t. I’m not surprised, since it was just a costume that I bought online. That sort of costume shouldn’t win a prize, in my opinion. If I’d put some imagination or work into it, that would have been a different story. :wink:

I made a big platter of sushi to bring in to work this morning. I got here, put it on top of my car, while I grabbed the rest of my stuff, and it slid off. The platter shattered, and I had to throw the whole thing away. :cry:

There is an upside, @Nabiki… the local cat population should be momentarily satisfied…

Oh, no! There were glass shards in all of it, so I made sure it all got cleaned up and thrown away.

Now I’m hungry, though. I’d planned on having sushi for lunch. :frowning: