Things that suck

I’m at home with a tweaked back. I ‘turned funny’ while sitting at my desk.
Getting old sucks.

I hear ya. I turned funny in mid December, and have had pain on & off since the. Sucks.

Not being able to be as flexible as usual when squatting and then trying to get up…

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Wanting to throw a paddy, but being too sore to do so.

Getting old sucks.

And there I was, expecting a thread about vacuum cleaners…


:rofl: :rofl: ROFLOL!!!

I’ve only had about 90 degree motion in my neck for the last couple weeks. I slept badly…

I’ve started buying Penetrex, mostly through Amazon, though it is now available at Walmart, and through the Penetrex website. It is surprisingly effective for back and muscle aches. My dad uses it on his knees, too. Great stuff, I highly recommend.

I’ve been taking tumeric for my joint aches, it seems to help, especially with my thumbs.


That sounds like a product name for a completely different market…


Ha! Not untrue.

Me: You should try Penetrex
Dad: Excuse me??

Penewhat? :rofl:

Going back to work after 3 weeks off.


Pockets in women’s pants. Accidentally grabbed the wrong pair this morning, and they really do suck. Y’all should complain. Didn’t notice until I tried to put my keys in to leave.


I stapled my hand today with staple gun. 7/16" by 1.5", think it went in about an inch. Pulling it out was really weird, but so far it’s just achey and swelling a bit. Right in the fatty part of the base of the hand by the thumb, nothing but meat.

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You mean lack of pockets. That has been a gripe of mine for almost my entire life. I’d wear men’s pants, but I have too much hip for them to fit even remotely comfortably.

Maybe different because they were jeans. I thought I was stuffing my keys into the ‘watch pocket’ which I don’t think any of my work-quality jeans even have.

Oh geez, huge cringe!

@balance, trust me we do complain. I miss pockets.

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